What’s on your needles?

BlanketMany of the blogs I follow are written by quilters and many of those quilters are also knitters. That can be said for our own members too. Barb passed along this lovely knitted blanket to the new baby in Kathy’s family (although at this writing said baby hasn’t arrived). That led Gail to share with us her latest knitting project – boobs! No, these aren’t joke boobs. In fact Gail may make a set for herself for her upcoming cruise. We thought she should make a set of three just in case one goes missing! Based on some of the stories Gail tells us I can see that as a definite possibility. Some days (most days when Gail is present) you just need to join us for the fun!

There was lots of chatter about the Guild challenges for the year. Several of us have plans for our challenges, and a few already have The Slice! block finished. Don’t forget that next Tuesday we will be working on our Days for Girls project. Margie has donated a large bag of flannel and Barb has the PUL fabric cut out and ready for us. Click here for a list of the other items that need to go into the bags and please join us next week.

As you can see I have started revamping our blog site. Nothing is finalized yet, but I’m trying to make it easier to find the information you need. This is very much a work in progress but you have to start somewhere right?

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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Mark your Calendars

Fabric & Crafting Supply Sale (September 14)

  • 9 AM – 3 PM at the Seniors Centre
  • Crafts other than quilting will be represented
  • An opportunity to sell your unwanted fabrics, books, patterns, kits, thread… etc.
  • An opportunity to build your stash from local quilting enthusiasts
  • For more information, contact Alice McCallum (see the membership list)

Hands Across the Water – October 19

Fall Fair – Saturday/Sunday, September 21 & 22

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