Do you know the difference?

July 30, 2013

We had a small group at the bee today and, although Barb and Kathleen were both in attendance, it seemed quiet! Barb was back from a wholesalers demonstration with lots of new ideas, some of which she’ll be sharing with us in the fall. Margie is back from her Maui vacation and intended to spend the afternoon stitching with us. Sadly, she forgot to bring her project but we were glad she remembered to bring her new fabric and patterns. Sandra Tuba dropped in for coffee but still isn’t back to her “stitching” self; her wrist continues to heal. For Rene it’s all about the grandchildren – one granddaughter is arriving soon to spend some time, and she is awaiting the birth of another granddaughter. Annie has a new sewing machine and Kathleen is going to take her first free ferry trip this week.

We had a good discussion today about getting things done at home. I learned the difference between nagging and being persuasive. Apparently it is all to do with the frequency of the reminders. Four times a day is nagging; four times a week is persuasive! To protect the innocent, I’m not telling who came up with this formula.

At least a couple of our quilters will soon be heading to Vancouver for A Day (and Evening) with Ricky Tims. Have a wonderful time. We’ll be looking forward to a synopsis of the event when the Guild meets again in the fall.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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Mark your Calendar

The Quilters Fabric Sale – September 14, 2013 – Seniors Centre

  • Table registrations ($10 to reserve) are required by August 31
  • An opportunity to sell your unwanted fabrics, books, patterns, kits, thread… etc.
  • An opportunity to build your stash from local quilting.enthusiasts.
  • For more information, contact Alice McCallum (see the membership list)
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