Happy Birthday Kathleen

LunchWe celebrated Kathleen’s very special birthday at lunch today. Sandra brought a lovely tray of cupcakes – some were diet (with the blueberries on top), some were low fat (with dried cranberries on top) and some were decadent (with walnuts on top). We were all trying to figure out which type to have when the smile on Sandra’s face told us they were all the same – and all were delicious no matter what their calorie count! Kathleen has yet to take her first free ferry ride, but said one day she might just pop over to Texada and have lunch with Barb.

Rene and friends took a trip to Chemainus and enjoyed the theatre’s presentation of Singin’ in the Rain. She said the buffet dinner was adequate but was a “senior bus tour menu”. Of course we all wanted to know what she meant by that because for the most part we are all seniors! After our discussion we decided we may be seniors but we aren’t ready to admit it yet!

Lunch, as always, was entertaining and educational. We talked about all the canning our mothers did, and how many of us are canning but in smaller quantities. Sandra Tuba told us the story of how, on one occasion, she managed to escape pickling onions. She also mentioned how difficult it was to pit maraschino cherries. Neither Annie nor I realized there is an actual maraschino cherry – we thought they grew in those lovely red jars! That was the educational part!

You might be interested in knowing that Deborah (at Crazy Quilt Cottage) has 30% off all fabric, and Galena Bay has 25% off all rulers and templates.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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Mark your Calendar

The Quilters Fabric Sale – September 14, 2013 – Seniors Centre

  • Table registrations ($10 to reserve) are required by August 31
  • An opportunity to sell your unwanted fabrics, books, patterns, kits, thread… etc.
  • An opportunity to build your stash from local quilting.enthusiasts
  • For more information, contact Alice McCallum (see the membership list)

July 23, 2013

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