July 16, 2013

We had a good crowd at the bee today. It was Project Tuesday and all three choices had a decidedly summer flair. Barb was back from her Sisters trip; Darlene’s family are gone so she was able to join us; and Cathie was back with us. There’s always room for more so don’t hesitate to join us. It is the best value you’ll ever get for your dollar.

The morning started with a bit of a panic for some of us when the coffee maker didn’t work. We tried several different plugs, we tried flipping the breaker switch – it looked like we’d be a bunch of crazy ladies needing coffee. Then we called Al and he suggested we get a pot brewing in the small kitchen and, with a sigh of relief, we got our coffee. Al sorted out the problem later in the morning when he dropped Annie off (and when he was sure we’d all had at least one cup)!

We were all envious of Barb’s trip to Oregon. Under $100 for gas (there and back) with a Smart Car. And apparently there was lots of room to store their purchases – spiffy new duds, and new shoes. Barb showed great restraint when it came to fabric purchases, but then she admitted she had purchased a new sewing machine!

Our lunch table had lots of home-grown goodies. Sandra and Suzanne are making smoothies and frozen yogurt from their cherries, Cathie had pickled beets, and we were all jealous of Rene’s raspberry, blueberry and yogurt treat. I learned the difference between male and female zucchini plants – see, it isn’t only about the sewing!

Don’t forget the fabric sale at the Senior Centre tomorrow. Gwen reports that the contents of as many as nine boxes may be up for grabs.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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