Sandra says …

Rug hooking

Rug hooking

It wasn’t a huge turnout for the bee today but there was no lack of energy and enthusiasm. Donna is enjoying her retirement and arrived at the hall twice  -once with her sewing equipment and then again a few minutes later after a trip home for the pattern she forgot. Sandra brought along her rug hooking projects – she has done some beautiful work. She is going to teach me the technique, and I fully intended to take my kit with me today. When I went to pull it from the shelf in my sewing room I couldn’t find it – that will teach me to clean up! We had a short discussion about hand quilting and I learned a cheating technique that takes the pressure off having to have both the back and the front look even. Georgie dropped by and the CD with the quilt show photos has been passed along to the next person in the queue and they should be posted very soon.

The Texada Retreat is coming up and there are still some spaces left. The retreat is April 12, 13 and 14 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). If you want to join this group for a fun weekend give Deb Jenkins a call.

The Wonky Star workshop was also discussed. You’ll need to bring along some 10” squares in a light and dark fabric – choose fabrics with lots of contrast. This will be an opportunity to learn a new technique and you should plan to complete only two or three blocks. It isn’t an easy pattern, but if we follow Sharon and Darlene’s instructions we won’t have any trouble.

To sell or to keep?

To sell or to keep?

Margie’s project was a wonderful opportunity for many of us to learn some applique tips. Darlene told us how to use a teflon sheet over a pattern to arrange the placement. Sharon suggested using Invisifil thread and a Microtex needle (I thought she mentioned size 80/6 but a quick internet search suggested a size 60/8) for appliqué projects.

And are you wondering what it was that Sandra said? We were just sitting down for lunch when she mentioned how quiet it was without Kathleen and Barb in the room. Hurry back ladies – we miss you!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

Here are some of the projects we saw in the hall today.

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Guild Events

Quilt Show Meeting

  • Thursday, April 4th @ 6:00 PM (Kathy will confirm the time)

Guild Business Meeting

  • Thursday, April 4th @ 7:00 PM

Texada Retreat

  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday April 12, 13 and 14
  • Call Deb Jenkins (see membership list) to book a spot

Demo Night

  • April 18 – FibreSpeak

Stained Glass Quilt (Susan Sharkey)

  • April 20

Star Quilt (Sharon Erickson, Darlene Sinclair)

  • April 21

Hands Across the Water – October 19

  • Hosted by Comox Valley Schoolhouse Quilter
  • Contact Maureen Tierney (see membership list) for details
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