Well done ladies

That’s it, the quilt show is over! No word on attendance or money raised, but there seemed to be a steady stream of people passing through the doors both Saturday and Sunday.

Community Quilts

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The demo table was a hub of activity. When I last stopped by there were four flimsies finished and it looked like a fifth was well on its way.

Viewers Choice

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Congratulations to all the winners. Check back for all the show photos on our Guild home page.

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2 Responses to Well done ladies

  1. TQG Nina says:

    Sherri – well done, I’m still unpacking the car! Can you send out another updated notice and ask everyone to please get those reports and list of suggestions done while everything is still fresh in their heads?? The followup meeting is way in the future and we may forget!

  2. Jeannette Lucas says:

    Congratulations on a wonderful quilt show!! There are many talented quilters in your Guild!!!! Great job on the Tea Room too. Special thanks for all the Gluten Free options, much appreciated, and very tasty,as well. . Last, but not least, THANK YOU for pulling my name in your raffle! I am delighted with my prize!
    Our quilt show is May 10-12 in Gibson’s, hope to see you then.
    Jeannette Lucas, Sunshine Coast Quilters Guild

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