Three days

Pieces of Passion

Only three days until we will be setting up for the Quilt Show. The time has flown since the first planning meeting in September. Kathy Parker has been working much longer than that though – I was recruited during the summer.

All my quilts are finished and I have the slats prepared for each of them. Hopefully everything was cut to the correct length, the holes were drilled in the right spots, and the labels have been affixed correctly.

I’m in Victoria this week enjoying a visit with my sister and brother-in-law, as well as taking in the Leonard Cohen concert. We have plans to visit at least a couple of quilt shops so, even though I’m not stitching, I am still in the zone!

Here are a few reminders as we head into the weekend.

Thursday, March 9

  • 6 PM – Quilt show meeting
  • 7 PM – Regular Business meeting

Friday, March 8

  • Quilts must be delivered to Dwight Hall between 10 AM and noon.
  • Each quilt must be accompanied by the wooden slat for the sleeve, and each wooden slat must be clearly labelled with your name and the name of the quilt.
  • Each quilt must have the temporary label attached to the lower right corner.
  • Don’t bring your quilt in a garbage bag!
  • Offers of food for the hanging committee are greatly appreciated. I know, hanging committee sounds wrong, but I think that is what they are called!
  • As you crawl into your own wee bed tonight, give a thought and a prayer to those folks sleeping at Dwight Hall.

Saturday, March 9

  • The show runs from 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Be sure you arrive at your station (raffle sales, admissions, hostessing, etc.) at least 15 minutes early for any last minute instructions.
  • Turn your clocks ahead 1 hour
  • Again, at the end of the day, give thanks that you are sleeping at home and not on the floor at Dwight Hall!

Sunday, March 10

  • The show runs from 10 AM to 4 PM
  • Ribbons for Viewers’ Choice are presented after the show closes.
  • Be prepared to pick up your quilts, boutique items and any other equipment you may have donated.

Enjoy the weekend. This is our chance to show our work to the community – you have all done the Guild proud!

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One Response to Three days

  1. Barb Kuntsi says:

    Have a great show, ladies. Sorry I can’t be there – looking forward to seeing pics, tho!

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