Pieces of PassionPanic has set in at my house. A month ago I had a plan that gave me enough time to get everything done, as well as have a bit of free time for life. I had taken into account that I would lose a week for the film festival. Yesterday I accepted an extra volunteer shift so I lost a quilting day. I’ve gained that day back by staying home from the bee today; my quilting machine doesn’t travel and I couldn’t afford to skip another day. We planned a short trip to Victoria for the Leonard Cohen concert next week, and that was included in my schedule. We have now decided to go a bit earlier and stay a bit longer because my sister and brother-in-law are going to join us so. More time lost, but I’m looking forward to a visit. My timetable has shrunk a bit, but I think I’ll still be ready in time.

I was happy to see so many quilters out at the Appreciation Tea at Olive Devaud. During the quilt parade I was astounded at many of the door hangings that had been turned in but never made it into our Show and Tell sessions. I’ve already picked out the one I want when I move in!

I’m sorry that the Quilt Walk had to be cancelled. Is it just too busy at this time of the year – the Film Festival display, the door hangings, the quilt show itself? I hope this event can be brought back at a later date – maybe something for the Blackberry Festival Street Party.

And speaking of the Film Festival, Nina passes along this message.

Today is our last day for the display and after 2 days of running here and there, trying to please people, fixing their problems, cajoling them and hoping that they would show up as promised, assisting the event planner and losing a lot of sleep; I want to say that the ladies from Timberlane QG were gracious, organized, and efficient. The volunteers for the raffle ticket sales table were always there to greet the public with a smile. Maureen Tierney is my kind of person with her eye to detail and leaving no logistical problem to the last minute.

To the general public, the whole hall looks lovely. But to my eye, the guild’s display is a tasteful quiet, serene place to rest my eyes. I hope to see lots of our membership at the hall today. And I hope that you all were able to see some excellent films or documentaries this week.

Thank You from the Arts Council, the Film Festival but especially from myself.

Arts Mosaic at Dwight Hall

Thanks to Nina for the photos.

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