No squares in this crowd

IMG_0679Georgie joined us this morning to give us her new and improved cube tutorial. She did lots of prep work and had samples of several different cubes. She credits the ease of her method to the Sarah Nephew 60-degree ruler. Several of us have 60-degree rulers from other companies but they all seem to be different and none of them measure up to Georgie’s. The good news is that the One Block Wonder Encore book is in the library – it includes the cube instructions as well as the ruler.

There were lots of good conversations going around the room. We all had a laugh at Marlene’s story of buying tires for her lawn mower. The salesperson tried to “up sell” her to a set of snow tires. Snow tires on a lawn mover – I don’t think so! Georgie mentioned pulling a quilt out of her tickle trunk. I don’t think Mr. Dressup stored unfinished quilts in his trunk, but what a great idea. And then there was a debate between clean and tidy versus messy sewing rooms. We didn’t vote, but I think messy won the day – sorry Rene!

We were celebrating Barb McCormack’s birthday today, but that wasn’t the only reason to celebrate. Rene is going to be a grandmother once more, and Sandra Tuba will soon have a new great-grandchild. We were all so happy to have Gail join us for a brief visit – we’ve missed her lively spirit and smile! We’re hoping she will soon be back as a regular.

Don’t forget that all the inches in the projects you are finishing for the quilt show need to be passed to Nina. Our trip across the country ends on February 28th.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

I’m so sorry I didn’t get my camera out in time for a photo of Nina’s Hockey Quilt. She designed it herself, and the rink proportions are all regulation size. Perhaps she can be persuaded to post a photo on Facebook or on her website, and maybe we’ll see the finished project at a future Guild meeting.

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  • Gay is collecting 3-inch squares for the demo table at the Quilt Show
  • Suzanne Hartmann needs your fat quarter for the Quilt Show draw
  • Quilt Show entry forms (with photos) due by February 7th
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One Response to No squares in this crowd

  1. Shirley Houle says:

    Wow! You were all very busy. Great write-up, Sherry.

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