We’re all wise owls

Kathleen's owl

Kathleen’s owl

We had a smaller group out for the bee today, but everyone was working hard on a wide variety of projects. There were line-ups at the sandwiching tables and several projects were being quilted. I also saw a lot of new-this-week projects. Although there are always a number of conversations going on at once, we did have some general discussion today around a couple of specific topics.

Sharon, who is working on the most complicated applique project I’ve ever seen, says that she uses batiks for everything. She says that by focusing on batiks she doesn’t have to choose between all the beautiful fabrics in a shop. Cathy says she also loves batiks, but takes lots of time to figure the right side from the wrong side – apparently if you look closely there is a difference. On the other hand, Sandra says that batiks are like dessert – a little is okay but not too much!

The other topic of interest regarded hand quilting. Someone knows someone who hand pieced as well as hand quilted – she doesn’t even own a sewing machine. A few of the ladies have hand quilted projects, but they don’t do it consistently. Marlene suggested that if you hand quilted everything you might save on fabric costs because you wouldn’t have time to make as many quilts. I’ve heard you only hand quilt a project if it is going to someone you really really love – so far, in my life, no one has met that standard!

The two Barb’s (McCormack and Kuntsi), who are regulars at the Tuesday bees, must have had a wild birthday weekend. Barb McCormack eventually wandered in around noon but didn’t stay long – I guess if you party hard you need to take an equal amount of time to recover! We also missed Patti and Betty, but we were happy to have several folks drop in for short visits. There is a lot of work being done for the quilt show that doesn’t involve a quilt!

Don’t forget that next Tuesday Georgie will be demonstrating her new and improved technique for making cubes. If you want to join the demo bring along light, medium and dark shades of fabric. Be there or be square (as opposed to a cube)!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

Gwen was sandwiching her owl quilt, while Kathleen was just getting started on her owl collection.

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New Boutique Forms

Leslie has provided some additional sheets and modified sheets for your Boutique items. I have posted these on the 2013 Quilt Show page on the top right of this page. Contact Leslie if you have any questions regarding these forms.

  • There is an additional inventory sheet for those folks who plan to submit more than 18 items. This new sheet includes a spot for you to put a sub-total.
  • The small tags for the boutique have been modified to allow more space for you to write your name.
  • There is a page of cute icons that you can use to attach to your “Donation Item” for the boutique. These should be cut to a maximum of 1 ½ inches square. Leslie says if you have some of those fancy scissors they make a nice edging for your tag.


  • Gay is collecting 3-inch squares for the demo table at the Quilt Show
  • Suzanne Hartmann needs your fat quarter for the Quilt Show draw
  • If you haven’t already done so be sure to pick up your Raffle tickets from Cathie Francescutti
  • Quilt Show entry forms (with photos) due by February 7th, but it would be appreciated if they could be handed in ASAP.

Program Changes

For the updated schedules see the Class Descriptions page (on the top right of this page). I have posted a photo for the star quilt workshop that Darlene and Sharon will be leading in April.

Quilt Across Canada Challenge (63,360 inches = 1 mile)

I’m looking forward to a new total at the next Business Meeting. With all the quilt show projects nearing completion we should make great gains before the end of the challenge.

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One Response to We’re all wise owls

  1. Barb kuntsi says:

    Sorry I missed being there today. Busy packing (leaving tomorrow) to go visit my daughter who is having a baby. Hope he waits till Grandma gets there, but if not, that’s ok too. More time I get to spend with him!

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