Do you?

I was at a party on the weekend and a friend asked if I kept track of the time I spend on individual quilts. I told her that I didn’t, and at the end of the project I’m just glad to have it finished – the many hours of pain are forgotten! On thinking about it more today though I wonder if it is a good idea. Would I think “well that is a week/month/year I’ll never get back”? When a quilt is finished and didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped would I value it a little more knowing how many hours went into it?

Many of the bloggers I read also do a monthly stash report. They record all the fabric that came into their stash and what went out of their stash. I’m happy if my stash can provide me with enough fabric to do the Project Tuesday wall hangings, and most of my projects require a visit to the fabric store. Would the stash include those scraps you have cut in various squares, bricks and strings?

Do you track your hours? Do you know how much fabric is in your stash? Do you track how much fabric is used in a particular quilt? Would we all stop quilting if we knew how much time and money were tied up in it?


  • Gay is looking for 3-inch squares for the demo table at the Quilt Show
  • Suzanne Hartmann needs your fat quarter for the Quilt Show draw
  • If you haven’t already done so be sure to pick up your Raffle tickets from Cathie Francescutti
  • Demo night on Thursday (bias binding, Drunkard’s Path, boutique and more)
  • Quilt Show entry forms (with photos) due by February 7th, but it would be appreciated if they could be handed in ASAP.

Program Changes

  • For the updated schedules see the Class Descriptions page (on the right).

Quilt Across Canada Challenge (63,360 inches = 1 mile)

  • Keep sending your inches to Nina – only a couple of months left in this race across Canada.

Not Your Mama’s Round Robin

  • If you are quick, you just may be able to get in on this. Contact Margie Facey-Crowther for details. She will be at the demo on Thursday.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

IMG_0618IMG_0618 (1)

We had a great turn-out for the bee today – you’d think there was a Quilt Show coming up and everyone was trying to get projects finished! Today was Project Tuesday and Valentines were on the menu. And there were several brave (or well-prepared) souls who were starting new projects. We had a reporter from Powell River Living join us – look for an article in an upcoming issue.

Next Tuesday Georgie will be demonstrating her new and improved technique for making cubes. If you want to join the demo bring along light, medium and dark shades of fabric.


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Guild Events

Demo Night

  • January 17 – Ideas for the Quilt Show boutique

Art Mosaic (Film Festival)

  • February 19-24, 2013 at Dwight Hall. This will be great advertising for our Quilt Show. As of the last meeting the Guild still required a coordinator for this event.

Pieces of Passion

  • Our Guild’s Show and Tell – March 9 & 10, 2013 at Dwight Hall
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One Response to Do you?

  1. TQG Nina says:

    Hi Sherri, I read this post when you posted but forgot to come back and give you my opinion. No I never track my hours in making a quilt. So many of my quilts require lots of matureing on a design wall or folded on a To-Do pile while I wait for a shopping trip to get some needed border,or special supply like interfacing or beads. I may take days or weeks to move blocks around, create new parts, and then discard those or cut them apart and create something new. Waste of time trying to cram the time element into my head and store that too.
    Now as to a stash report on how much fabric you have? Did the person reporting this have the time to actually measure the fabric? – or she was just reporting that her stack of yellows needed topping up or she was low on florals and would be going to shop?
    I can’t imagine a weekly or monthly stash inventory, unless you were collecting for a particular project. She has a control problem worse than mine if she reports this on her blog.:))

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