Christmas is coming

This was the Seniors’ lunch day so there was no sewing at the Center. I spent some time with the ladies at Blue Mountain and everyone is busy putting the finishing touches on gifts and various decorations. The snowflakes are multiplying – how many have you done Kathleen? But all was not winter-related as there were at least two people working on pineapples. I gave sight to my Snowman (I sewed on his eyes) and Kathy Parker was stitching the binding on her piece. It was nice to meet some ladies from Blue Mountain who are quilters, but not part of our Guild – I wonder if we can persuade them to join?

Rene brought along a wonderful plate of ginger cookies (3x ginger cookies) and we made short work of them. I’m not sure there were even crumbs left for Santa. She has been doing some beautiful quilling and, hopefully, we have twisted her arm enough that she will teach us a class one Tuesday in the New Year. We were also trying to persuade Barb to teach us how to make her coiled bowls but she claims she needs time to do her own sewing! We’ll keep working on her.

There was some discussion about whether or not we would meet next Tuesday. There were enough of us who thought we would still have some last-minute finishing to do so, if you fall into this category, we’ll be happy to see you at the Senior Center at our regular nine o’clock start next week. And if you don’t have any last-minute finishing to do, join us and start a new project.

We are sending out good vibes and best wishes to Gail!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

I’ll be glad when Christmas has passed and I can acknowledge the beautiful work that is being done each week.

Door Hangers for Olive Devaud

Sherrill says that as of the last meeting she has enough door hangings to dress up the halls at Olive Devaud. Well done everyone!

Quilt Across Canada Challenge (63,360 inches = 1 mile)

Nina reported via Facebook that we have stitched 8,347 inches, and Alice McCallum says this takes us past Gaudet Avenue on our way to Church Street (starting from the Senior Center driveway). Google Maps shows us (address-to-address) just past Cranberry Pottery in one direction and well past Cranberry Hall in the other direction.

Guild Events


  • Wednesday, December 12 @ 12:30 PM (Suzanne Hartmann’s)

Pot Luck Christmas Party

  • Thursday, December 20
  • Doors open at 5:30
  • Bring an appetizer or a dessert (and the recipe for the blog)
  • Door prizes will be gratefully accepted (and received by the winners)
  • Gift exchange (should be $10 or less) if you wish to participate

Quilt Show Meeting

  • Thursday, January 3 @ 6 PM

Guild Business Meeting

  • Thursday, January 3 @ 7 PM

One Block Wonder

  • Saturday, January 5 & Sunday, January 6

Demo Night

  • January 17 – Ideas for the Quilt Show boutique

Art Mosaic (Film Festival)

  • February 19-24, 2013 at Dwight Hall. This will be great advertising for our Quilt Show.

Pieces of Passion

  • Our Guild’s Show and Tell – March 9 & 10, 2013 at Dwight Hall


3” Squares for the Quilt Show

  • Pass these to Gay at any time.

Raffle Tickets

  • Raffle tickets should be picked up from Cathie as soon as possible. These will make great stocking stuffers.

Membership Cards

  • These can be picked up from Sherry at the Tuesday bees, the Christmas party or regular Guild meetings and demos

Library Hours

  • Tuesday between 9 AM and 3 PM (except the second Tuesday of the month)
  • Thursday evening during the regular Guild Business Meeting and demo nights

Community Quilts

  • Your offerings for Community Quilts are (always) gladly accepted.
  • Community Quilt Weekend has been scheduled for May 4 & 5
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