What does scrappy mean to you?

This morning, the author of one of the blogs I follow mentioned that she had a quilt featured in the Fons and Porter magazine called Scrap Quilts. The author went on to describe the fabric she used and where it can be purchased. I thought a scrap quilt would be made from the bits and pieces I have in my “scrap basket” that are waiting to be cut into bricks, squares or strings (much like the pieces I pulled out for our pineapple block today). I’m willing to stretch my scrappy quilt definition to include fabrics from a stash, although wouldn’t that be a stash quilt? Or does a scrap quilt just mean there is no pattern to the colours used?

It was a bit of synchronicity as much of our discussion (and laughter) at the bee today revolved around the idea of scraps and scrappy. Darlene was teaching some of us how to do her scrappy pineapple block. Some came prepared with a few of their own scraps, but Darlene brought her bin full of scraps for us to work with. Sandra Tuba reluctantly went out to her car and brought in a huge bag of scraps – that bag of “scraps” was about as big as my stash, and the pieces were far from what most of us would call scraps.

And even when the pieces for the pineapple blocks had been picked out and stitched together there was still a lot of wiggle room as to what was scrappy and what wasn’t. Some of our ladies (Kathleen for one) seem to find it impossible to sew a block that isn’t “matchy matchy”. There were some scrap blocks that were more organized than others, and there were some that followed only the idea of lights and darks. Whatever the fabric, they were all beautiful.

Some of us are famous

Members of the Texada Needlework Guild were featured in a recent Embroidery Canada magazine, an equivalent of the Quilt Canada magazine. Congratulations!

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

We had a record number of 20 members and one guest gathered around the table for lunch. Darlene Sinclair was helping many of us with our pineapple blocks, but that wasn’t all that was happening. If I have missed (or mislabeled) your work please forgive me – new camera but the same old brain operating it!

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Project Tuesday

The choices for our Project Day on October 16.

The third Tuesday of the month is open for one of Barb’s projects. I think you will agree the selection this month is as exciting as the ones we picked from last month. We’ll be working on these blocks at the Center on Tuesday, October 16. If you want to join us you can call me for the list of supplies. The patterns will be available on the day of the project


  • Quilt Show meeting on Thursday at 6:00 PM
  • Regular Business Meeting on Thursday at 7:00 PM
  • No stitching at the Center next week as the Senior’s have their monthly lunch meeting

Quilt Across Canada Challenge (63,360 inches = 1 mile)

I have several pieces I hope to finish by Thursday so they can be counted into our total. If you have finished anything since September 1st, and it hasn’t already been counted, please bring it to the meeting or let Nina know the size.

Our new (and very unofficial, as of last week) total is 2,885 inches

Facebook Group

If you have a Facebook account, please join the Timberlane Quilters Guild group. We have 21 members and would like as many of our members as possible to sign up and take advantage of the news that is shared through our social media site. If you need help in figuring out how to join the group give me a call and I’ll try to walk you through it.

Guild Events

Quilt Show Meeting

Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Regular Business Meeting

Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 7:00 PM

Door Hangers for Olive Devaud

The hangings can be any size, as long as they fit on a standard door. Adding a sleeve to the back will help with their placement. Don’t forget a label on the back so your work is acknowledged.

Library Hours

Tuesday between 9 AM and 3 PM (except the second Tuesday of the month)

Thursday evening during the regular Guild Business Meeting and demo nights

Community Quilts

Your offerings for Community Quilts are (always) gladly accepted.

Celebration of Quilts

Our Guild’s Show and Tell – March 9 & 10, 2013

Around Town and Upcoming Events

Look to the right, in the margin, under Pages. I’ve moved these to the Local and Area Events page.


I have finally made the effort to look at what we have listed in the right-hand margin, and I’ve updated a few of the pages.

  • 2012 / 2013 TQG Program – Look here for the Guild’s event calendar
  • Hands Across the Water 2012 – links to the Challenge and Block
  • Local and Area Events
  • Membership/Renewal Form
  • Upcoming Exhibits
  • Website of the Week – if you have a favorite that you would like added, please let me know.
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