The bear facts

It was a smaller group today, but there was no shortage of projects. Darlene got us started on the right foot with a nine-patch demo. I’ve only made one nine-patch block, but all the experienced ladies were very impressed with how easy the blocks came together using Darlene’s method.

And we have coerced Darlene into showing us how to make her pineapple blocks next Tuesday. The method she uses is apparently much easier than the traditional pineapple block. She says it is all done with scraps, although you could make an organized (i.e., matching) set of blocks if you wanted. Darlene used lights and darks around the center so there is some organization in her scrappy blocks (and they are all beautiful).

With fall in the air our talk centered around bear visits and sightings. Although bear are a normal sight for Cathie she recently watched two sows and their six cubs on a play date at Sunset Park. The bears are in town as well – Sandra had one pass through her area in broad daylight. Suzanne told us about a bear sighting a few years ago at the Italian Cultural Center. When the bear was reported to conservation officers the club was advised to pick the apples off the tree. One of their members very diligently got out a ladder and was in the tree picking the apples when he looked down and there, right below him, was a bear climbing up the tree. She says the apple tree was cut down the following year!

We have such a good time at our sessions – please join us!

Quilt Across Canada Challenge (63,360 inches = 1 mile)

I handed in a Community Quilt today, and I finished last week’s Pumpkin project. These added 290” to our unofficial total. If you have completed projects please advise Nina by e-mail, or bring your pieces to Show and Tell at the October business meeting.

Our new (and very unofficial) total is 2,885 inches

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

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If you have a Facebook account, please join the Timberlane Quilters Guild group. Nina has posted a video and Suzanne has posted a photo. There are some pictures of our display at the Fall Fair, and I’ve had a few questions answered. We have 21 members in the group. Please consider joining us for day-to-day posts from all your quilting friends.

Member Announcement

Sandra Johnstone is having a Garage Sale this Saturday. The official sale starts at 9 AM, but she says her quilting friends can come by at eight! You can find all the deals at 4004 Saturna Avenue in Westview.

Guild Events

Quilt Show Meeting

Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Regular Business Meeting

Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 7:00 PM

Door Hangers for Olive Devaud

The hangings can be any size, as long as they fit on a standard door. Adding a sleeve to the back will help with their placement. Don’t forget a label on the back so your work is acknowledged.

Library Hours

Tuesday between 9 AM and 3 PM (except the second Tuesday of the month)

Thursday evening during the regular Guild Business Meeting and demo nights

Community Quilts

Your offerings for Community Quilts are (always) gladly accepted.

Celebration of Quilts

Our Guild’s Show and Tell – March 9 & 10, 2013

Around Town and Upcoming Events

Look to the right, in the margin, under Pages. I’ve moved these to the Local and Area Events page.


I have finally made the effort to look at what we have listed in the right-hand margin, and I’ve updated a few of the pages.

  • 2012 / 2013 TQG Program – Look here for the Guild’s event calendar
  • Hands Across the Water 2012 – links to the Challenge and Block
  • Local and Area Events
  • Membership/Renewal Form
  • Upcoming Exhibits
  • Website of the Week – if you have a favorite that you would like added, please let me know.
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