Technology – love it and hate it!

After a trip through Desolation Sound and Toba Inlet yesterday I was all ready to share my photos on my personal blog. What? My computer doesn’t start? I tried unplugging it, I tried restarting it, I left it to sit in disgrace overnight. Still this morning nothing is happening on it. Making the best of a bad situation I have ordered myself a new machine! But how to write my Guild blog without my computer? There’s an app for that! I hope this update from my iPad works. The formatting may not be right, but there should be something there.

I’m not able to easily update the events with this post, but I want to remind you of the Texada Studio Tour coming up on Saturday and Sunday. Please check older posts for other upcoming events.

I was only at the sewing bee for a few minutes this morning, and apparently I missed something important! Annie says she could hear the laughter from the parking lot. If you haven’t been out, please come and join the fun on Tuesday between nine and two.

The Tuesday Sandwich Board

Rene brought her granddaughter along to sew. They are going to end up with a lovely pillow when they are finished.

Kathy O’Malley copied a pattern Barb brought last week to show us. Is there anything that says summer more than flip-flops?

Barb is still working on her black and white quilt. Lest you think she is slacking off, she only works on this piece at the Tuesday sessions. Otherwise you know it would have been done weeks ago.

Sandra Johnstone is almost finished piecing her Western top. In the background you can see Kathy quilting her piece.

Here is Kathy’s almost finished wall hanging. These two pieces will be perfect for the Fall Fair!

Margie hopes to have the border finished on this piece by the end of the day.

Annie has another beauty ready to be sandwiched and bound. This is for another of her grand babies.

Sandy Tuba is also working on a baby quilt. This is so colorful!

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One Response to Technology – love it and hate it!

  1. Nina says:

    Oh Dear Sherri,
    I hope you can retrieve all your other info from the old computer. Hope that all is not lost and perhaps a computer wizard can find the problem. Our whole lives are on these machines!!!

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