Ladies who lunch

Some of the Tuesday quilting bee ladies took a field trip today. I must apologize right off that there are no photos. My only excuse is that I’m new to this blog job and I didn’t think to take my camera along. There may be one or two photos on someone’s phone or camera and, if they come my way, I will add them to the post later.

Six of us (Rene Burke, Kathy O’Malley, Cathy Francescutti, Sandra Johnstone, Dale Higgins and myself) met at the ferry terminal and caught the 11:10 ferry headed for Texada Island. On board was the seventh member of our group – Barb McCormack – fresh from an overnight birthday celebration in Powell River.

When we arrived on Texada we headed to Gillies Bay where we had a reservation at The Ravenous Raven. As we drove, Barb gave us an oral history lesson on Texada. Pat, one of the Texada quilters, joined us for lunch. The talk at the table centered mainly around, but was not limited to, the Guild quilting retreats that are held every spring and fall.

After a leisurely (and delicious) lunch Barb took the wheel of Rene’s van so Rene could enjoy the scenery and not have to worry about the road. We drove out to Shelter Point Park and, along the way, Barb pointed out a number of the B & B’s that have been booked in the past for the retreat weekend. A highlight of the trip back to Van Anda and Blubber Bay was a stop at the quarry. I’m new to Powell River but I’ve heard many people talk about swimming in the quarry. It was lovely to have a chance to see it even if we didn’t come prepared to swim!

We had a tour of Van Anda before heading back to Barb’s home in Blubber Bay. She gave us a tour of her sewing studio – we were all in awe of her organizational skills. It is amazing how much she fits into her quilting area. And there are quilts, needlework, photos and other works of art everywhere you look – a lovely home.

We had very little spare time before heading home on the 5:00 ferry.

Thanks to Barb for opening her home and the fantastic tour. And thanks to Rene for doing the driving.

Did you miss this trip? I think a field trip (somewhere) should become a regular event. Does anyone want to volunteer to show off their studio?

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