As we were leaving the bee today Dale commented that while we are at the bee we are busy sewing and working hard. At the end of the day, we pack up and all the work we have done fits into such small bags. I noticed that at the beginning of the day we are chatting, sharing family news and seeing what everyone else is up to. In the last half hour of the day everything gets very quiet as we frantically work to get to a good stopping point on our projects.

Blocks for Olive Devaud

Sherrill is still accepting door hangings for Olive Devaud. The hangings can be of any size as long as they fit on a standard door. All the doors have hooks, so adding a sleeve to the back will make them easy to hang.

Quilt BC 2013 Day At A Glance

A new tab has been added to the Quilt BC 2013 website (http://www.canadianquilter.com/events/quilt-canada-2013.php). They have released daily schedules for the May show, as well as announcing the teachers for the event and the workshops they will be leading. Is it too early to start planning?

Quilt of Belonging

Nina has passed along some information about the Quilt of Belonging project (http://www.quiltofbelonging.ca). A documentary about the venture is expected in the fall and Nina suggests it might be a good library addition and, perhaps, a bit of entertainment and encouragement for one of our demo nights.

Local Events

Sea Fair – July 27-29, 2012

Edible Garden Tour – August 5, 2012

Texada Island Studio Tour – August 11-12, 2012

Blackberry Festival Street Party – August 17, 2012

Arts Alive in the Park – August 18-19, 2012

Powell River Studio Tours – August 25-26, 2012


Upcoming Events (Out of Town)

Kelowna Quilt & Fibre Art Show – September 21-23, 2012

PieceMaking in the Valley Quilt Show (Chilliwack) – October 19-20

Triennial Quilt Show (Penticton) – October 19-20

Stitches from the Heart Quilt Show (Castlegar) – October 19-21

Decade of Quilts (Coquitlam) – October 20-21

Quilt Canada (Penticton) – May 16-18, 2013

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