I’m going to try that

I can’t seem to get this “Christmas in July” thing working for me. My Christmas project is on my design wall, but it is in so many pieces it is too hard to transport. I’m in the middle of doing some quilting with my machine and I didn’t want to reconfigure it and pack it up for the bee. The next step on my Butterfly quilt was to embroider some antennae on my twelve blocks so that was easy to pack up for the day.

Before settling in to sew I noticed that Marlene had done some lovely machine appliqué work on her Bee quilt. When I made the comment that I wished my machine could do satin stitch, I was informed that any machine that does a zigzag could do a satin stitch. This was music to my ears because my quilt (as well as my Christmas project) has appliqué pieces to stitch down. I’ll be practicing that stitch as soon as I get a chance.

Sandra Johnstone with her One for All Season’s table runner.



We were a small group at the bee this morning. There was lots of hand stitching going on, and I counted three table toppers. There were a couple of new quilts started, as well as an apron.




I must apologize to the quilters who came out today. I made a pot of coffee this morning and, at the end of the day, I left the hall without cleaning it up. If someone did it for me – thank you! If no one did it and someone is in trouble – I take the blame!


Upcoming Events

Texada Island Studio Tour – August 11-12, 2012

Quilt Canada (Penticton) – May 16-18, 2013

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