I learn something every week

My project at the bee today was a simple one. I need twelve appliqué flowers for my Butterfly quilt. It’s been awhile since I did appliqué and, obviously, I required a lesson or two to refresh my memory.

First lesson – if you have twelve flowers to do, you don’t need twelve templates! However, as Marlene pointed out, I can give the extras to my grandchildren to color.

Second lesson – don’t waste your Steam-a-Seam. I was prepared to cut out my twelve flowers using the template that was provided. Barb pointed out that if I traced the individual petals I would be saving myself a lot of waste. She also pointed out that if I divided my groups of two petals I could get three petals on my three-inch square rather than just two. Bonus, I came home with extra squares for my stash.

And the lessons didn’t stop there. When Patti had a question about joining the binding on her beautiful table runner, Barb stepped in and showed us an entirely new way to bind a quilt. What a wealth of knowledge that woman is!

The prize for the biggest laugh of the day goes to Annie. Al brought her sewing machine to the Senior Center and had it all set up for her when she arrived. Annie got herself settled and ready to sew when we heard a big whoop from her – “I forgot my quilt!” Luckily she lives close-by and was able to zip home and get it.

Quilt Canada – 2013

Start planning now. Quilt Canada will be held in Penticton from May 16-18, 2013. There is  information posted on their website (http://www.canadianquilter.com), and you can subscribe to their blog if you wish (http://cqaquiltcanada.blogspot.ca). I subscribed and today I received my first post, which reveals a sneak peak about the event.


Upcoming Events

Texada Island Studio Tour  – August 11 and 12, 2013

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2 Responses to I learn something every week

  1. TQG Nina says:

    Going to add that CQA link to my daily checkin too and keep up to date. Jackie also has a great blog herself and there’s lots to checkout.

  2. BCQuilter says:

    YAY! I just might be able to make it to that one! I have family in Penticton!


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