April Program highlights

On Tuesdays, the raffle committee continues to need help with the quilt construction. This is dragging on longer than we anticipated and gardening weather will fight for our attention soon. Eleanor and I would like some assistance with the borders of the 1st and 2nd prize quilts.

Wed. April 4th-Imagine me jumping up and down- merrily skipping a “happy Dance”. You will see both quilts tomorrow night and we will ask for volunteers to finish – Elenor and I are DONE,DONE<DONE!!!!

The Demo night on April 19th is a re-do of a program idea that we did many years ago. There will be 3-4 stations with a different demo at each.

WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS FOR A SHORT DEMO OR 2 Yohoo ……are you out there eager to show a technique?

You will be divided into groups of 4-5 and go around the room to each topic. Each speaker will make their demo about 15 minutes each. If you have more questions after coffee break- I’m sure each teacher will be glad to answer questions.

The Saturday Workshop for April 14th is *how to enlarge a  single block*. Most of the samples started as the usual 12 inch blocks that have been expanded to 24-36 inches. Emphasis will be on learning independence from magazine or pattern purchases. We’ll also pay close attention to construction and pressing for more success.

NO – THE DATE FOR THE SAT. WORKSHOP IS NOT A MISPRINT. This has been planned for the large number of guild members who DO NOT attend the Spring Retreat on Texada Is. Only about 1/3 of our members take in the spring cruise and get-away. This workshop is for those who want only a one day project. Go to my own personal blog to see photos of class samples. Handouts will be available at this Thursday’s business mtg.



I have not heard about the sign-up sheet for the Texada Retreat. Be sure to check the sheet at the Thurs. meeting for space and find out details on food and shared accomodations or car pooling.

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