Don’t Be Surprised- It’s A Library Report

Just for a recap, Sandra and I started our volunteer positions last June, not thinking that it would be 9 months before the library was up and running smoothly again. Weeding out many , many books and patterns from a collection of 20 plus years took a great deal more time than anticipated. We were pleased at how supportive the guild members were and pleased at the large sum of $$$ from the garage sale.

The move to our new home went smoothly, but we had limited hours to sort the remaining collection and get it ready for your viewing.Our renovated shelving unit is working well, soon we’ll have new signs , labels and section dividers.

Today, Sandra and I bought our first new books for the collection, and were pleased with the selection.

These are our first five books.

Drunkard’s Path,Stepping Beyond by Cheryl Phillips This comes with a specialty ruler that can be borrowed as well.

Drafting for the Creative Quilter by Sally Collins

Dancing with Thread by Ann Fahl

Adventures in Design by Joen Wolfrom

Amish Inspired Quilts ( Tradition with a Piece O’ Cake Twist) by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins.

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