Project Runway??

Barb McC is leading a 2 day workshop on constructing quilted garments this week-end. I hope that all of you have a great time and soon have super new fashions for us to feast our eyes upon. This is a great opportunity to have someone help you with proper fit.

Our march demo eve project offers an evening on exploring smocking with Margie. That is one type of needle work that I have never attempted, but often admired.

Our Sat workshop is a community comfort quilt weekend at the end of the month. Since our scrap organization evening last fall, I expect that a lot of you will have some ideas and wonderful new creations to work on. Thanks to Kathy O, who let me raid her scrap drawers, I have lots of fun projects in mind.

Last Tues., there was a very good crew of people to cut,stack and mark a humongous pile of squares for half square triangles. I am doing a bit of math this week-end as we are enlarging the pattern to make a larger raffle prize. I have made a couple of blocks to test seam pressing directions and this first project should go together really well.

Last night I was able to get our library cupboard out of the closet and see how it rolls. Thanks so much to Oris for the modifications he made to the shelfing units: making them into a lockable rolling cupboard.

The handles make it very easy to guide into place, it is nice and bright in that corner, and it opens into a very nice cosy corner for browseing. I reorganized all the books into subject and category, and Sandra will be labeling the sections for ease in finding a book of your choice.

Our next task is to shortlist the many new books available from publishers and make good choices to fill in some gaps that we’ve seen during these purging and reorganizing months.


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