Whatcha doing?

There are those that we know that say there is nothing to do in our town and they sit in front of the TV being bored all winter long.

I’m so busy that I haven’t been to the sewing machine for days…….and days………..

There has been little pockets of brightness in the cloud cover and I’ve gotten out to look at what’s peeping up out of the ground. Trimming and snipping and brushing away dead leaves to discover what plants may need to be divided.

On the culture scene, there’s been the film festival, and then upcoming is the Perfoming Arts festival for a whole week and half. The Patricia theatre has some great block buster films ( so sorry that I missed Hugo) .

I am looking forward to attending my first guild meeting at our new location. REMEMBER to bring your cookie tin exchange boxes…….I am excited to see mine and start designing a new quilt top from all your creativity.

The guild raffle committee  will be attending all the tues sessions and welcomes any eager helpers who will assist in construction , pressing, cutting, etc.

Our thurs eve demo teacher this month is Georgie with some binding hints,

There is only 4 more months left for this quilting year- yikes- guess I should get busy with the guild challenge for the end of the year party – opps! typically my usual inspiration-at-the-last-minute will come up with results that are pleasing.

If there are digital photos for the complex display as well as the college display, they are welcome for the website and the blog.


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