Christmas Festivities

Tonight we had a lovely party . I want to send out a very sincere THANKS to the program committee who organized the evening,and to the wonderful people that took time to donate a door prize or organize a game. Also thanks to the weather for fair winds and no snow.

There was a nice pile of groceries in the back of Kathy’s van that she will deliver to the Salvation Army tomorrow.

I would like to thank all of you for the great cooperation in this year of transition. The first half of our year is over and we’ve had some excellent classes and participation. Now that we are moving to the Senior’s Center, I hope that we can continue to have the same spirit and continued fun for the rest of our 25th year celebrations.

May you enjoy the best of the season,relax, stay in your jammies all day if you wish, go for a walk, take your best friend for a coffee, and I hope your family finally listened to your hints for christmas morning and you get all the quilty gifts that you were hoping for.

I will be back in Feb with updates about guild activities. In the meantime, enjoy the mystery week-end and Sandra’s demo night. They are sure to give you two nice projects.


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