Christmas scraps

I was at the Tues Sit and Stitch session today, and almost everyone was busy with christmas themed projects or christmas gifties. What a hive of activity!! there were placemats, tablerunners,table centers,etc. etc.

Don’t forget to bring those pretty christmas themed quilts to the party next week. PLEASE SEE THE PREVIOUS POST FOR THE LIST OF ITEMS TO REMEMBER!!!

I already have my ugly-don’t-want-it-to-come-home-again fabric chosen for the game that georgie is planning. Believe me when I say that none of you will want to be stuck with it either- HONEST!

The stacks of boxes are already for moving day. Our handy carpenter is planning the cupboards this week. Since i will be away, I’m sure that Sandra will appreciate some help getting the boxes of books back on the shelves. We hope to have the library back in working order by mid Feb. and we are looking forward to ordering several new books.

I think I will try this new cranberry shortbread with white chocolate drizzle. If they turn out, I’ll share at the christmas party. See you then.


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One Response to Christmas scraps

  1. Barb Kuntsi says:

    mmmm, would love the recipe for those, Nina. I’m afraid I won’t be at the Christmas party as I’ll be heading up to spend Christmas with my grandkids (and their parents’, too!!) Could you possibly send it to me? We’re planning on doing some baking while we’re there, too!
    Thanks – and have a wonderful holiday season!

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