whatcha doing this week-end??

Hope you get to relax – enjoy the fall weather- go for a walk while the turkey is cooking………but if it’s raining…….. then snuggle in your fav chair with a pile of cook books or old family favorites and pick some recipes for our guild cookbook.

I have some old favorites. One is called Banana Slush and is a great summer drink that my Mom made for many summers on the prairies. It was found in an old Mormon cookbook given to her from a friend.

The other recipe is always refered to as Christmas Cake cookies and it is written in my Mom’s handwriting  in an old journal that is literally held together with a rubber band. Now that Mom has passed away, Dad and I have made a batch and he has shared with all his friends and the nurses and caregivers at ECU. For those of you who hate fruit cake and dread being given a brick of this sort of baking , then you may like these cookies. They have almonds, brazil nuts,pecans,dried fruit such as raisins,dates,cherries,pineapple, and they are all held together by the thinnest of batters-dropped on a cookie sheet- and baked just until they will hold together. Gooey and chewy- bet you can’t stop at just one!!

So what are your family favorites? copy them out and remember to bring to Hands Across The Water.

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One Response to whatcha doing this week-end??

  1. Kim Lessor says:

    I was raised in Powell River (now live in Oakville) and have to let you know your wears travel well. My good friend and neighbour in Oakville, Ontario was at a thrift store and found a heart shaped pot holder with your tag still on it. She knew I was from PR so she grabbed it for me. So I am not the only PRite in Oakville obviously. Its beautiful and now its mine. A story you can share with your quilters 🙂 How random is that?

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