are you tired of summer re-runs?

—but it’s too hot to be outside, so you want to be in  the cool house and a have a glass of lemonade for a quiet afternoon or evening. Well can I suggest a couple of fun quilty programs to watch?

I have been a subscriber to The Quilt Show since it first began. This is hosted by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson, along with some guest teachers that have little tutorial class series. The main program is a series of 13 hour long programs that are available for viewing every 2 weeks. They will be starting series 9 very soon. You are able to go back and watch the programs in the series as many times as you wish. These programs feature some of the most inspirational guests in the quilting community today!!  I’ve particularly been enjoying seeing our friend Sharon Pederson interviewing business owners at Quilt Market and letting us see some of the newest products.

The Subscription/membership lets you into the forum discussions, the member’s gallery, the guest teachers tutorial classes and a whole bunch of other things. You can join and investigate at this site.  and it lists what you can see with the basic free membership or the subscription to see all the series.

I have Shaw cable internet – but I did have to explain to my computer magician what I was  hoping to watch and he did some fine tuning to my computer to make it work smoothly and seamlessly .

Now your second choice is QNN tv. This is Quilter’s News Network and with a subscription, you can watch 28 different series, including Eleanor Burns, Fons and Porter, Marti Michell and Patrick Lose as well as Quilting Out Loud with Mark Lipinski. All Programs are in the 30 minute TV format. For a reasonable subscription fee you could have hours of TV programs on the closest computer screen . You can investigate here…

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