And The Survey Says>>>>>>>>>>

I have been asking a few members about their reading habits for the guild library. If you have missed a chat with me and want to express an opinion, please talk to myself or Sandra J. We are interested in your quilting likes and dislikes, your favorite topics and your book borrowing habits.

The guild library has a very large selection of books covering almost every topic. Sandra and I have started weeding and gleaning the shelves, as this has never been done in the guild’s entire history. We are planning a book sale for the fall. Any books remaining will be donated to the Friends of the Library committee or other quilt groups in the community.

We would like only the best books on each topic to remain in our collection, and we are examining each category to keep the best of each topic , but also considering our own Canadian Authors, and the weight of a book’s historical  value. Today, we evaluated the Applique section and were very pleased with the caliber of books that we have.

The library is extremely under utilized and we feel it is partly due to inability to find items on crowded shelves. We hope our weeding will make browsing easier, and help workshop leaders find materials that would be helpful to them for their classes.

Over the summer , you will find us in the guild’s basement room, slowly weeding, cleaning, evaluating and planning for next year.

Watch for:::::

Staff Picks- well written and well illustrated books on particular topics, helpful to beginners or experienced quilters alike.

Topic of the Month- may correspond to a demo or a workshop, and if we do not have a book on a topic, perhaps you can request that we fill out our wish list selection

We are putting our library inventory online at so that you can check the list in your slippers and PJ’s. Stay tuned for availability.

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