BOY ! The Joint was a-jumping!

I think I have found the reason for the lower numbers of entries for the quilt show this year. All of you ( or a few very industrious elves) have been going crazy making things for the boutique.

Pat reports that there is a record number of sellers this year, and there are over 100 purses and bags for one example. She is being ingenious in how to display them all.

There were loads of people at Tues morning sit and stitch session – all working on projects with machines humming or fingers busy with bindings.

The Library ladies were putting the library shelves in order, the teams for the Marine Ave quilt walk were sorting quilts and pairing them with the business that they would most suit, and Gwen was re-folding all the precious,beautiful and soon to be well loved community quilts. We have 3 large boxes and a large shopping bag full of community quilts and they are all ready to be displayed on the stage at Dwight Hall. Now if you are just finishing up one of these, we would be glad to accept it on the set-up day. It’s never too late . In fact , we are having a “construction zone” and it can be unfinished as well.

Editor’s addition::::::: I counted 26 community quilts but 6 of them need a label so maybe next Tues morning we can have a few volunteers whip those labels on before the quilts get hung.

The basement at the soccer center was a very busy place this morning.

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