You don’t have time to be sitting here!!!

Get back to work on those Quilts!! Yes, this is not the time to be playing solitaire, reading your favorite blogs or checking emails, we must get every single quilt finished for the show.

I have a report that numbers of entries are down this year, and there are a disturbiing number of our members who have not entered a single item. I’m sure there will some discussion on this at our next meeting and at the followup for future planning.

Remember everyone is welcome at the quilt show meeting – our last before the show.

Hope you’re working on your notes so that the reports will be full of good advice for the next committee heads.

Our regular meeting starts at 7:00 and remember your fat quarters, your nametag, some loonies for the 50/50 draw and be ready to sign up on the volunteer sheets.

I too must get back to work .


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One Response to You don’t have time to be sitting here!!!

  1. Barb says:

    Hi Nina – I’m guilty! I didn’t put anything in the show this year – been a wicked year for recuperating, etc., but we made plans to go away the weekend of the show as I thought it was on the 2nd weekend of March, as it usually is. Just wasn’t paying attention! I did manage to get some quilts done, but of course they are all gifts that are long gone. Next time – I promise!

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