Four days left in 2010

I can think of a whole bunch of cliques like “how time flies” and ” but the year just began”.

I could look back over the past 13 months with a look at all the obstacles that kept popping up in my life that blocked creativity and prevented time spent in the studio. But I would rather look ahead at what I can accomplish in my future quilting, set some new personal goals, take stock of what deadlines loom ahead and see what I could offer that might benefit the guild.

We’ve got some monumental events in 2011. First is our 10th quilt show in March, then a tough decision weighing  the pros and cons of changing our meeting space before June.

Then in Oct , we are again the hostesses for the annual Hands Across The Water, where we will do our best to make a memorable day for 200 fellow quilters. Of course your program committee will be meeting many times over the summer to plan a tremendous program for 2011-2012 as this will mark our 25th anniversary.

With these hints, perhaps you can be thinking of how you would like to contribute? There’s many spaces on the committees list for the quilt show, and we need many door prizes and contest prizes for HAW.

But the program committee would be forever thankful if you were to help them in their planning of the next year’s program. What would you like to suggest for exploration? Would you be able to teach a technique, demonstrate a skill, or lead a workbee for children’s quilts or assist in the making of a raffle quilt?

I’ll wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you at our first meeting of 2011 on Thursday,January 6th.

Fiberspeak will meet on Thurs Jan 13th – but look for location to be announced at the business meeting.

We’d like a good turnout for the first organizational meeting of HAW. Bring your ideas, enjoy a cup of coffee and brainstorm on Thurs Jan 20th. [there will be no demo night this month]

At this time I must advise that the dates for the 2 ( YES! TWO!! ) weekends of workshops are not on my desk. I will tentatively say that our 2 days for UFO’s is Sat and Sun Jan 8&9th. And I hope that I am correct in telling you that the Community Quilts 2 day workbee will be the 22nd and 23rd.

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