Christmas Party Plans for Thurs Dec 16th

Tues Dec 14th – just an update.

The raffle quilt tickets will very likely be ready for pickup on Thurs eve. It would be nice to have these in your bag over the Christmas Party and New Year’s celebration period. Anywhere a group is gathering would be a great time to show the pictures of the prizes and to promote the sale of tickets. If you do not attend the party – you can call Suzanne or Sandra for pickup.

Just a check list of things to bring for the party- just 5 days away.

-your camera- Photos are needed for the archives.

-purchased or hand made gift under $10 for gift exchange.

-any doorprize that you may like to donate – these have always been brought by secret santa’s helpers in the past.

-any food donation to the hamper for either the food bank or the Salvation Army.

– any of your christmas quilts ,wall hangings or home decor to brighten the room .

-a pot luck appetizer, salad, casserole or dessert to share.

– any idea for a game or entertainment- do you have a party piece?

The doors will be open at 5:00 and volunteers are welcome to help set up tables, decorate and get food ready. We will eat at 6:00. Hope to see all of you. There is NO  forecast for snow-Yippee!

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