What’s that I hear?

maybe sleighbells?  definately the swoosh of a snow shovel scrapping the driveway. I’m sure all of us are thrilled to see the rain melt all that whiteness away. I ,for one, will use this last week-end of Nov. to enjoy a few more craft sales and church bazaars, cross some items off my list for gifts, and place a few online orders ( that may or may not arrive in time for Christmas?)

For the first time , I will be able to enjoy one of Lainey’s monthly open house events this afternoon, walk the dog and work on some stitching. Perfect week-end!!

Reminders for December

we meet at 6:00 on Dec 2. for a quilt show update.- We seem to have a popular crush at the door for the draws and sign up sheets so come early and REMEMBER to sign the attendance sheet, TAKE A TICKET before you sit down!!! and add a fat quarter to the box ( leaving your name in the bowl.)

It was not discussed – but a fat quarter in christmasy colours would likely be popular for this month- but any colours are welcome. I’ve got mine in the tote along with my NAME TAG.

Now is also the time to ponder what you may have to add to the doorprizes for our Christmas get together- just 3 weeks away.

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