Block of the Month for December 2010

This month’s block of the months is Christmas Star.   )

from Marcia Hohn’s wonderful website Quilter’s Cache  ( quilt blocks galore)

 I have put this block together and find it is a lovely block if you pay particular attention to the pressing of the seams. We’ve all learned the rule of pressing towards the darkest fabrics on any 1/2 square triangles, but when attaching the middle units that look like Flying Geese, The best way for your seam allowances were to be pressed open and then the block was much flatter and nicer to assemble. This block calls for experimentation . I built my corner units as 4 patches and then the middle units as if they were 2 flying geese wedges.

I have also made the center 4 squares (in the very center of the block) one large 4.5 inch square and assembled the block as a Sawtooth star type construction instead of 6 long lines of squares and triangles.

One REALLY BIG pet peeve of mine is when instructions don’t come with detailed pressing instruction and assembly. Marcia’s instructions for sewing of the building units are great but not final assembly.

Maybe we need a workbee just to learn good shortcuts on block pressing. {note to self- talk to program committee.}

This is a 6 grid block with the grid size 2 inches. If you expand this to 4 inches, you can construct a lovely 24 inch block with borders and make a nice table topper of 30″ for a christmas gift. I hope to have several samples for the Dec business meeting.

Have Fun! and thanks to Kathy O’m for this link.

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