November Fun

How many of you are packing for retreat? I bet you’re all going to pack way too many projects, UFO’s, and those projects that “just need tweeking and they’ll be finished” .

Yes we’re all famous for biting off more that we can accomplish in the time period. But I hope all of us can spend a wonderful week-end making things we love.

Some of us are chosing to stay home and work in our own clean, decluttered, organized workspaces : weather  or not you call it a sewing room or a studio. I’m almost completed the task , and I am getting a zen feel of calmness before the tension of prep for christmas and our quilt show.  My stack of quilt tops ready to sandwich is reasonable and not mountainous. I tell myself that “yes, this is do-able” ,but don’t quote me on that after the quilt show.

I was not able to attend Lainey’s workshop on her beautiful paper pieced medallion , but I’m looking forward to seeing the class results at the show.


Fiberspeak- meeting cancelled for Nov11th and moved to Nov 25th at Nina’s house.

Texada Retreat  – 3 days of fun and sewing on our neighbouring island. Enjoy!!

Wee spin- see the supply list for number of strips to cut and pre-sew. This is a fun lap quilt or baby size to  learn about equilateral triangles and hexagons. A plexiglas template will be supplied at  a small fee.

I’m on a sandwich basteing frenzy for the rest of the month. Come to guild on Tuesdays and we can team pin baste or spray baste. I will also be at guild next Thurs night ( Nov 11th) .

UPDATE! Norma got 2 wall hangings spray basted, Shirley finally got her millenium BOM sandwiched, and I got 2 lap quilts sandwiched. It was a productive evening and now I have only 3 more to sandwich on tues ( better splice some batting together)

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