October Guild happenings

Yes! a whole new month. Hope all of you enjoyed the return trip from Quadra and had lots of show and share on the ferry!

Our next business meeting is THIS THURSDAY!

Quilt show planning committee at 6:00 but everyone is welcome.

Business meeting at 7:00- please remember the following::::::::::

1. there will be a FAT QUARTER draw. Please place in the basket on the program table and make sure you have your name in the bowl.

2. There will be a 50/50 draw so remember your loonies and toonies.

3. have you got your nametag made? Is it in your purse? be sure to sign in for attendance records and you may win a prize if you are wearing your nametag.

4. Have you made the block of the month? If you perservered and made the block even with the problems – then you may win a stack of blocks. hand them into the program ladies and make sure that you have entered your name in the draw.

We look forward to seeing you on Thurs. eve.

Edited Tues Oct 5th………..After the trip to Quadra Island for Hands Across The Water festivities, our library will be richer with some interesting new books. Be sure to check out Threads Unraveled by my friend, Sarah Ann Smith. She’s covered the topic in great detail and  everyone ( no matter how experienced) will find some information to make their sewing and quilting more successful.Sometimes we put so much into the fabrics and colors of a quilt and do take for granted the thread that holds everything together

I know several of us were taking notes at HAW. We will want all those ideas at the January mtg where we will be making plans to host next year’s event.

I went a few days early to RV with dear hubby, We enjoyed lovely sunny days at Miracle Beach where I got the best shots of the ripples in the sand for some inspiration. We wandered some of the roads to Rebecca Spit and enjoyed the comings and goings in the harbour at Heriot Bay. Photos seem to be lost in the guts of the computer and i can’t retrieve them (yet) stay tuned!

sand ripples could be interpreted in curved strip picing?


the shortest coastal ferry ride I've ever been on- to Gabriola island

Heriot Bat ferrydock - right in front of the RV park.


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