Turning The Tide – One Ripple At A Time

Two members of the Glacier Grannies came from Vancouver Island , transporting the latest group of 52 art quilts that have been created by The North Island Quilters for Community Awareness. This is the 2nd group of quilts to benefit the Grandmothers to Grandmothers and the Stephen Lewis Foundation. All proceeds go to help Grandmothers who are struggling to cope with the care of their orphaned grandchildren  due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa.

The local Powell River Grandmothers group is hosting this show this week-end and the guild was happy to loan the display stands and assist in hanging the show.

I want to thank the 5 wonderful quilters who came out and spent a long afternoon getting this display ready for the public. It certainly looks wonderful in the new Senior’s Center Hall.

I hope all guild members have a chance to come and see this wonderful art display.

A Door For My House by Pippa Moore

Stitching Brighter Tomorrows by Judy Morningstar

 If you would like to check out the glacier grannies website here, you will see all 52 pieces in the quilt gallery,learn the artist’s name and read a description of each quilt.

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One Response to Turning The Tide – One Ripple At A Time

  1. Paul says:

    Lovely works, aren’t they? Check out my blog entries for Saturday and Sunday at the website listed.

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