Quilt Show progress report.

Our Show coordinator was hoping for 15 good people to attend the meeting  tonight and share the responsibility of heading committees. I’m sure she was pleased that 20 of your fellow guild members came out and volunteered their time.

It was so nice to see so many new members stepping forward. And several persons sent their regrets that they could not attend but would put their name forward for a position.

AH! that was an exhaleing of collective breath and a sigh of relief.

A few positions were not filled and they are important. We hope that YOU and YOU will step forward before the Sept Business meeting and volunteer for the Set-Up and Take Down supervisor’s position. Lois is willing to mentor and act as advisor.

The raffle committee has consisted of 2 hardworking members who have supervised and /or constructed the 3 raffle prize quilts all on their own. They now need some people to step up and assist with ticket sales and obtaining the raffle license.

The Logistics committee has 4 persons for a labour intensive job but they need someone comfortable with word processors to do all the typing of entry forms and labels.

A full list of person’s names  and committees will be available from Gail W or at the next meeting. Where can you fill in the blanks?

Your Advertising committee will be meeting in the next week and a new member has volunteered to revamp our website so you will be kept up to date on all new developements.

Alice is going to revamp the blog over the summer – so stay tuned for new announcements and new features.

Gail sends a big Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting this evening.

See you all at the End of Year party.


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