guild challenge-paint chip colors

The guild challenge  entries will be displayed at our End of The Year party. *June 17th*

 Please bring the paint chip sample card to be attached to your quilt. Your blog moderators will remember their cameras this time!

Most guilds have “challenges”. You see them at every guild’s quilt show,lots of national shows and even online. We enjoy  showing our best work at Hands Across The Water, voting for our favorite and winning a very nice basket of goodies.

Our guild has always has a non competitive view to the guild’s yearly challenge. We decided that  no voting or judgeing would encourage every level of quilter to participate. After 15 years of annual challenges, I feel this has not worked as we had hoped.

Some years there has been a cost for a few fat quarters, and some years ( like this year) there  is no cost to participate  as you picked your own fabrics –  all you needed was your enthusiasm and imagination.

Some years we’ve had good participation and other years a very sad number of quilts are completed and hung. I am wondering what we will see hung at this end-of-the-year party?

 I’m wondering if we have evolved to the point that we could use a little “challenge” and incentive ………….could we stand the competition of being  judged by our peers?  Is it time to have a viewer’s choice  on the challenge entries at the next quilt show? Would this encourage participation?

Any comments?

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2 Responses to guild challenge-paint chip colors

  1. BCQuilter says:

    Although I had the paint chip, at first I was very interested in doing the challenge.

    Well, life happened, and I decided I wasn’t going to do it.

    Well, after a trip to Victoria, and a stop at Stitch & Sew in Nanaimo, I have changed my mind again.

    Looking forward to the garden party!


  2. TQG Nina says:

    Hi Alice – so glad to hear that you will not be working that eve.
    G. is taking this as a personal challenge to get the yard looking nice- took the whole day to pressure wash the entire driveway right from the edge of the garage. Cleaned the brick patio, and tomorrow we will do the back stairs and alum. railings.
    I’m spending the eve doing some more handwork on the challenge.

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