Communication-Funk and Wagnell’s definition

Communication is the act of imparting or transmitting messages, ideas, information, and the shareing  of thoughts and feelings.

As the blog is nearing the end of it’s 2nd year and it’s time for a new committee, I thought I could take some space to write an editorial. Usually we have editorial statements in guild newsletters, but sad to say, our guild no longer has such a thing as no one wanted to take on the job or the responsibility. Do you miss the issues as much as I do?

There were a few of us that hoped a blog would fill the gap left and we welcomed participation. We have 70 members in our guild , and sadly there has been very little  communication from members to let us know that the blog has been of value. I hope that we will have some volunteers to continue this experiment and to make improvements. We shall see at the Annual General Meeting on Thurs.

Personally, I have learned a great deal about the inner workings of a website and blog, and have skills that I will be able to apply to new ventures. I hope that next year we can continue to be a source on information to guild members but to also include many more features such as PHOTOS!! on a regular basis.

Over the summer, Shawn, Alice and Nina will bring you some weekly updates about the quilt show committee planning/brainstorming sessions, program committee plans and other local information about the new year starting in Sept.

Each of us has our own personal blog and we invite you to see what we are up to fiber-wise over the summer. We will try to bring you some links of interest to enjoy with your glass of ice tea or lemonade.

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