Springing into April Fun

This is a very full month with lots of fun.

April 1st is our business meeting – remember your mystery quilt tops for a photo session, and remember your name tags.

April 8th is our Fiberspeak meeting

April 10 and 11 is our  double (Sat and Sunday) workshop. Sat is to introduce you to the making of silk paper or silk fusion. On Sunday we will take our dry pieces and learn ways to be creative. It’s also time for those of us who have taken this class in the past ,  to bring your unfinished silk sheets out and be inspired to bead, embellish and embroider.

April 16,17,and 18 is the Spring Texada retreat. The spaces are full and there is a waiting list, but contact Barb Mc and ask to be placed on the wait list.

April 22 is Demo Night. Yes- it is on the 4th Thurs of the month – that is not a misprint. Carol F. and Kathy P. are teaching free hand thread painting and shading with threads.

The supply lists are posted as a printable PDF file. See the side bar to your right.

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One Response to Springing into April Fun

  1. I hope your April is going better than imagined, full of spring colors and happy times. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog and your enthusiasm for the art of quilting. Check out our blog at: http://www.aqsquiltnews.blogspot.com/

    Keep up the beautiful quilting!

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