Mystery Quilt Home Stretch

By this time you have all 7 installments of the Mystery quilt brought to you by your Program committee.
I hope that you are happy with the results, happy with the fabrics you chose, and you have managed to keep up with the instructions so that we might see the quilt tops in the next few months.

Double Delight was devised by Bonnie Hunter . She has a tremendous website called Quiltville, and all sorts of excellent tutorials.
I am especially fond of her scrap quilt designs and she has tested her patterns for accuracy. Many of her scrappy designs makeup into excellent community quilt hugs.

I’ve got new batteries for the camera , so it would be wonderful to get a snapshot of all the tops next month.
PS. Kathy P and Jennie R ( of the program committee) have completed their quilts and they look absolutely marvelous. Show and tell will be great next meeting.

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One Response to Mystery Quilt Home Stretch

  1. Lucille says:

    Would love to see the outcome posted . Thanks Nina.

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