FiberSpeak meeting

We had a great turnout of 10 people to our fiberspeak meeting.
Besides showing and shareing of new magazines and books, there were Gay’s lovely puffy and beaded star fish, as well as samples of the up coming silk fusion workshop. We asked questions about the workshop and Y. will be bringing a colour swatch card to the next meeting so we can choose our kit colours. in the meantime, you can go to Treenway Silks website and drool over the luscious colours available and dream about what you might like to make.

Y. is also placing an order from Opulence for the fabric paints that we used in Eileen Neil’s class. We will save on a bulk order of the base product and each of us is ordering the colours of pigment that we wish.

We enjoyed looking at issues of the Quilting Arts Gift issue. There are some excellent gift ideas such as small cube beaded ornaments, portfolios and gift envelopes that could be made from silk paper and the one that caught my eye is the beaded and embellished cuffs or bracelets.

Field trips were planned to the yurts in Madeira park and we enjoyed the evening immensely.
We hope that now that Christmas is over, we will be more productive and we will see more show and share at the next meeting.
Thanks everyone for such an enjoyable evening.

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