Happy New Year!!!

Our first guild meeting of 2010 will be this Thurs Jan 7th.
Remember to ease our secretary’s chores by bringing a typed or written report, tuck you name tag in your new writing portfolio and be eligible for a prize from the membership gals.

The first demo night of the new year will be a DVD video loaned to us by Carol F.

Ricky Tims is host of “The Quilt Show” and has developed a neat method , using strata units to creat a Kaleidoscope effect . I have watched a short segment on this technique on The Quilt Show program and am interested to see the longer DVD for more hints.
If you are interested in this DVD, we could ask our librarian to order one for the guild.
Ricky will soon announce a new book release on this same technique. In the meantime,here’s a link to see what the excitement is all about.


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One Response to Happy New Year!!!

  1. BCQuilter says:

    Ricky Tims’ technique does sound intriguing. Not sure if I can make it yet to the demo night, but hopefully.


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