affirmation that we are doing good deeds

I was speaking to one of the caseworkers at Children and Family Services at a Christmas party last week. She did not elaborate in great detail , but this time of year puts more stress on families , and her job is very much more stressful in trying to assist both a child or a family to cope and stay together or to take a child from a dangerous situation and keep them safe.

This caseworker wanted me to thank all of you who have continued to supply their closet shelf with huggable quilts. They would love to continue to receive them and they try to match a quilt to a child and make them feel special.

After that conversation over a glass of wine, I wanted to rush home and dig even deeper into my UFO’s and scrap bins to see what I could whip up on our UFO week-end workshop.

Today will be a day for visiting with family and friends at Open Houses, but I hope to spend the rest of the week with my parents, my children, and my sewing machine.
I treated myself to new titanium needles and a special spool of thread – and will have the time to play with some ideas.
The blog posters all wish you a Happy New Year and hope that we can bring you even more interesting ideas from the wide world on the web.

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