new year’s resolutions

So how many of us missed out on the little gifty last month because we forgot our nametag?
Here’s a solution and a new year’s resolution.
Make yourself a folder. You know those school project folders with a pocket inside the front and back cover.
You can certainly buy one from the school supply section of Staples, dollarama or walmart – and they come with great colors, but how about making one with Timtex or Tyvek or even silk paper, with your own personal embellishment? Just don’t add bulky buttons or beads as they make writing difficult ( ask me how I know)
Stick a pad of paper in one side , add a loop in the fold to hold a pen and in the other pocket, make a space for your name tag. Then it will always be with you and it won’t be pinned to your bulletin board at home at every meeting.

You can keep a copy of the year’s program , the monthly bulletin, the membership list and your supply lists for all the classes that you’ve signed up for.

Here’s a project for the UFO week-end! Let’s all remember those name tags .

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