Remember your Show and Tell items

Hope all who attended the workshop on the week-end will be bringing their small wallets and bags for Show and Tell. This was a great workshop idea for the pre christmas hassle of what to make for that little extra tuck in – for the neighbour who has done you many favors or for a hostess gift , or the gals at work. Shhh – don’t tell anyone at my office.

If you can not attend the business mtg tonight – then stay tuned for the christmas party announcements. Food ideas always range from appetizers, to hot casserole dishes to decadent desserts or some of your favorite christmas baking.

Also try to unearth those christmas quilts, table runners, or wallhangings as we love to see what you use for your home decor at this time of year. This is a great excuse to dig to the back of the closet and find those things as you’ll need them in a week or 2 anyway. We enjoy decorating our christmas party with all sorts of colour – please bring them along on Dec 10th.

Stay tuned for the new year’s announcments of Sat workshop dates. We will post them as soon as they are available from the soccer executive.
Supply lists will be posted as soon as they are sent from each teacher.

Merry Christmas and hopes for a calm month of preparations.

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