Sharon Pederson’s program on The Quilt Show

This is a Winnie The Pooh kinda day.
This is our family’s name for the sort of day we’re having. Hope everyone keeps their power on and can hibernate with a nice cuppa cocoa.

One of the guild’s favorite guest teachers is Sharon Pederson from Black Creek , over on Vancouver Island. Sharon has become an internationally known teacher and we have several of her published books in our guild library.

Sharon will be a guest on The Quilt Show starting Dec 7th. This is the web based quilt show hosted by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson.
Now if you do not have a subscription to the series or do not have fast internet connections for video viewing, I would be glad to have you come to see the program at my house. The episode is available for a whole year and you can see if you like the format and want to subscribe yourself. Let me know and i can tell you more at the next business meeting.

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One Response to Sharon Pederson’s program on The Quilt Show

  1. Kudos to Sharon!

    We have a link to Sharon’s Media Store to the right under “Quilting Resources/References”.

    And I think she was at HAW this year?


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