puff, puff, just let me catch my breath,

Ok , all you impatient machine quilters, It’s 8:52 pm and I barely got in the door.
But here is the link you requested- no! demanded just a few minutes ago on the ferry.

Sorry you will have to ” copy and paste” because I can not find the danged button to make it linked properly- but it’s worth the extra effort – I’ll fix in the morn.

For the others, we were discussing a great blog that Shawn and I have just discovered. The young woman is creating a new free motion design every day for a year. Yes, you can go back in her archives and see the whole series from Day 1. There is also a short Youtube video with audio to learn how the design goes.
I think this will be my new morning favorite with my tea.
Enjoy! and I’ll write more about our great “vacation”day later.

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3 Responses to puff, puff, just let me catch my breath,

  1. BCQuilter says:

    I can add the link, for you! LOL.

  2. nina says:

    yes, but if I found your instructions, and read them , and memorized them and got it through my thick head how to do it – practice,practice,practice then I wouldn’t have to admit that I forget every time!

  3. BCQuilter says:

    Awww… that’s all right. I’m sure the 3 of us, will figure it out.

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