Gee this month crept up on us quickly.
For the Oct business meeting, remember your name tags as there are a lot of new members that would like to get to know us.
Eleanor has our quilts that were hung at the Fall Fair ready for pickup at the meeting.
Remember your cheques to pay for the Oct Workshops to be taught by our guest teacher Eileen Neill. Then you’ll get your supply list and we can look forward to mucking about with a new form of surface design or embellishment.

Our display at the Fall Fair looked wonderful. It was nice to see some of our newer members displaying some beautiful work. The public certainly appreciates looking at the work and there was a great turnout on both days for the festivities.
Organizers of the fair have to be congratulated as there was great music,a great increase in booths, and a lot of public information by organizations like Grandmothers to Grandmothers,or demos on small farm or sustainable gardening.

If you have signed up for Hands Across the Water, be sure to check the signup sheet for carpooling, remember your cash or credit cards to enjoy a bit of shopping at the merchants and bring a fat quarter that you’ve purchased on your travels in the past.
More info can be found at the Comox Valley quilters website, where they have a 4 page PDF to remind us about all the fun including the block draw- there’s still time to make a block to place in the draw.
Their website can be found in our sidebar.

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